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Joke 1

Kate: Can you believe they got back together after all that crap? 

Niall: Who? 

Kate: My buttcheeks

Joke 2

"What did one flag say to the other?"


"Nothing they just waved"

after which Harry dropped his mic and walked off stage and comes back to say

"That was the best joke I have ever heard"

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

cutest (x)


"People always ask him 'Why do you even date her she has nothing' I am aware I have the tiniest ass/boobs in the industry but thats me, and Big Sean accepted all my imperfections when we started dating and thats something everyone needs to know.” -Ariana Grande (They Are So Cute)


where is zayn malik i want to kiss him

“Once you look into his eyes it’s over, light’s out”

— Will Ferrell on Zayn [x] (via rightfulmalik)